Ramadan gift. Preparations to drop another power bomb on the public after increasing the price by Rs 14 per unit

An additional burden of Rs 335 billion has been requested on electricity consumers by imposing an additional surcharge of Rs 3.23 per unit.

After increasing the price by 14 rupees per unit, preparations to drop another electricity bomb on the public, by imposing an additional surcharge of 3.23 rupees per unit, requested to put an additional burden of 335 billion rupees on the electricity consumers. According to the details, the government has started dropping electric bombs on the people before the regular arrival of summer.
According to media reports, immediately after Nepra’s decision to increase the price of electricity by Rs 14 per unit last week, another request has been filed to increase the cost of electricity for consumers. It has been reported that on the demand of international financial funds, the government filed an application in Nepra to impose an additional burden of 335 billion on electricity consumers.

In the petition filed by the government, it has been said that the increase in electricity prices on March 6 is insufficient, so electricity should be made more expensive.

An application has been filed to levy an additional surcharge of Rs 3.23 on the price of electricity, the additional surcharge will be levied from the next financial year. In the petition, a surcharge of 3 rupees 23 paise has been requested on consumers with more than 300 units and 43 paise per unit for agricultural tubewells from July to October 30. A request has also been made to levy a surcharge of Rs 3.23 paisa per unit from November 2023.

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