Heart Attack Grill, a hospital-themed restaurant where people weighing over 158kg are given free food

An American restaurant in the American city of Las Vegas is currently facing severe criticism on social media. A restaurant called Heart Attack Grill has given out free food to obese people, after which there was a huge backlash on social media. People weighing 158 kg or more can enjoy free food at this restaurant. This all came to light after videos of customers standing outside Heart Attack Grill went viral on social networking websites.

Over the years Heart Attack Girl has become quite popular due to their hospital theme service. The restaurant, which sells mostly fast foods that are unusually high in calories and fat, calls its customers ‘patients’. From waiters dressed as doctors to waitresses serving customers as nurses, this restaurant is known for its quirky setup. Not only this, before placing an order, every customer aka patient also dons their hospital gowns.

As for the Heart Attack Grill’s menu, it has items with names like the Quadruple Bypass Burger. It’s not just a simple burger with a double patty and a slice of cheese. You get four beef patties, multiple slices of cheese, and bacon stuffed between a bun, as well as ‘flatliner fries’ cooked in pure lard.

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