Federal Minister Musadik Malik confirmed the deal with Russia to buy oil in cheap prices.

The agreement has been signed, Pakistan will buy one-third of its fuel from Russia. Federal Minister of Petroleum Musadik Malik’s conversation

Federal Minister of Petroleum Musadik Malik says that a deal has been made with Russia. Pakistan will buy one-third of its fuel from Russia. Speaking at a ceremony in Karachi, he said that by protecting the local industry, commodities become cheaper, increasing production. brings prosperity, tariff protection does not bring prosperity. Musadik Malik said that factories worth 600 billion should be set up in the cheap loan scheme, but there is no gas to run them.

Pakistan gives cheap gas from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to its fertilizers sector. In the gas sector, tariffs have been set separately for the rich and the poor. The federal minister said that the rich will pay four times the gas bill of the poor. The circular date of local gas has ended.

Federal Minister Musadik Malik further said that the agreement has been reached, Pakistan will buy one-third of its fuel from Russia.

Earlier it was reported that Pakistan’s seriousness is being viewed with doubt by Russia for the agreement to purchase cheap oil. It has been reported that Russia has given a message to the Pakistani government that if they are serious about purchasing oil, then a cargo of oil should be imported from Russia as a test case. It is likely that the oil cargo from Russia may reach Pakistan by the end of April.

It has been further reported that Russia has offered to sell 100,000 barrels of oil per day to Pakistan, if the Pakistani government accepts the offer, then Russia will become the second largest oil supplier to Pakistan. Pakistan lacks the technology to refine Russian oil, so both countries have agreed to buy mixed oil.

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