A case has been registered against Imran Khan, he will be arrested in a couple of days, the caretaker information minister Aamir Mir announced

Caretaker Information Minister Punjab Aamir Mir says that a case has been registered against Imran Khan and Yasmin Rashid for erasing and distorting evidence in the Zul Shah case, the police will arrest them in a day and a half.

Talking to private TV, Aamir Mir said that Tehreek-e-Insaaf is trying to create and connect a story on the Zul Shah case, why did you leave the body of Zul Shah in the hospital and run away? I knew for three days, so why were you hiding? It has been proved that Khan Sahib has been caught red-handed in this matter, instead of being ashamed, Imran Khan is calling for more rallies and demanding a judicial commission.

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