Excise police to crack down in Lahore from Monday for No license drivers.

Lahore, April 29, 2023 – Starting Monday, the Excise Police in Lahore will begin a city-wide crackdown on drivers operating vehicles without a valid driving license. Officials have announced that those found driving without a license will be subject to a fine of PKR 2,000.

The decision comes in response to a rising number of traffic violations and accidents in Lahore, which authorities believe can be mitigated by enforcing stricter regulations on driving licenses. To ensure the safety of road users and to maintain order on the streets, the Excise Police has been instructed to take decisive action against those who flout the law.

The city-wide operation will involve police officers stationed at strategic locations to check for proper documentation from drivers. Those found without a valid license will be fined on the spot and could also face further penalties, such as the impounding of their vehicles. The crackdown aims to discourage unlicensed driving and promote responsible road behavior.

Excise Police spokesperson, said in a statement, “We have noticed a significant increase in traffic violations in Lahore, and many of these offenders do not have a valid driving license. We want to ensure that all drivers on the road are properly trained and certified, as this contributes to overall road safety.”

The Excise Police urges drivers to obtain their driving licenses as soon as possible, as this will not only help in avoiding the PKR 2,000 fine but also ensure that they possess the necessary skills to navigate Lahore’s roads safely.

To obtain a driving license in Lahore, applicants must first pass a written test and a practical driving test. The written test consists of multiple-choice questions about traffic rules and regulations, while the practical driving test evaluates the applicant’s ability to safely operate a vehicle.

Those who have not yet acquired a driving license can visit the Lahore Traffic Police’s official website for information on the application process and to locate their nearest driving license center. In the meantime, drivers without a license are advised to refrain from driving until they have obtained proper documentation to avoid being penalized.

The crackdown is expected to continue for an unspecified duration, with the Excise Police monitoring the situation closely and adjusting their strategy as needed. While the operation’s primary focus is on unlicensed drivers, authorities have also warned that they will be vigilant in enforcing other traffic rules and regulations.

Lahore residents have expressed mixed opinions about the crackdown. Some have praised the initiative, citing the importance of ensuring road safety and reducing traffic accidents. Others have criticized the move as a revenue-generating exercise for the government, arguing that the focus should be on improving infrastructure and public transportation options.

Regardless of public opinion, the Excise Police is determined to carry out the crackdown to the fullest extent, hoping to create a safer environment for all road users in Lahore. They have also encouraged the public to report any instances of unlicensed driving or other traffic violations they witness.

In conclusion, the Excise Police’s crackdown in Lahore sends a clear message that driving without a valid license will no longer be tolerated. With a PKR 2,000 fine in place, the initiative aims to promote responsible road behavior and improve overall safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

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