SIUT achieves milestone with first open heart surgery of a minor girl

KARACHI – Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) has successfully conducted its first pediatric cardiac surgical procedure on a minor girl.

Zainab, 5, was suffering from atrial septal defect that increases flow of blood to the lungs, causing frequent chest infections.

A team of nine doctors, two perfusionists and eight nurses carried out the first successful open-heart surgery at the newly established Paediatric Cardiology Department at SIUT. The achievement will help in saving lives of minors in the country.

The minor girl tolerated the hectic procedure well and managed to come off the ventilator within three. She has now been discharged from the hospital.

SIUT, being patient-centric and providing free, high-quality care with dignity and compassion to cater to the needs of the patients, has given importance to expanding and adding newer facilities and specialties to cater to the complex healthcare demands of the people of the country.

From transforming an eight-bed ward into an Institute of Urology and Transplantation, Centre for Robotic Surgery speciality and now Paediatric Heart Surgery, Prof Adib Rizvi’s vision is to establish the SIUT Children and Cardiac Hospital.

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