Suzuki Decides To Shut Down it’s Bike Assembly Plant

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) has decided to shut down the assembly plant in Pakistan this month and the reason behind this move is import restrictions.

They sent an official notice to Pakistan Stock Exchange where they notified that they will shut down the assembly plant from 20th of March to 31st of March because they are running out of inventory.

According to Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers’ Association (PAMA), Suzuki Pakistan has not even sold 2,000 bikes in February 2023, which means there has been a monthly decrease of 10% in sales as compared to January.

After the recent price hikes, Suzuki’s most cheapest bike, GD110S has reached the price of  Rs. 293,000. The next one is GS150 which now costs Rs. 318,000, GSX125 costs around Rs. 422,000 and the most expensive bike in Suzuki  is GR150, which is now costing around huge price of Rs. 455,000. This is the reason that Suzuki and other automobile companies are struggling to operate in Pakistan.

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