US report paints a gloomy picture of human rights situation in Pakistan

The US State Department has expressed concerns over human rights in Pakistan, pointing out several cases of extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, and discrimination against women, and children.

The recent report, which was released as part of a series of reports on several nations, flagged severe human rights violations committed against various groups, including media personnel.

It mentioned arrests and enforced disappearances at the hands of state forces in South Asian nation. It picked lack of government accountability, and abuses, including corruption and misconduct, as key issues, and further added that such cases end with no punishments which fosters a culture of impunity among perpetrators.

The State Department in its executive summary mentioned that authorities seldom investigated or punished government officials for reported human rights abuses or acts of corruption.

Respect for the integrity of the person, respect for civil liberties, freedom to participate in the political process, corruption and lack of transparency in government, governmental posture towards the international and non-governmental investigation of alleged abuses of human rights, discrimination and societal abuses and workers rights were seven parts of the report.

It further mentioned curbs on freedom of expression and media in the country and the torture of journalists was also denounced.

The report noted that the law provides for freedom of expression, including for members of the press, but constitutional restrictions exist, pointing out threats, harassment, abductions, violence, and killings that led journalists and editors to practice self-censorship.

Law enforcers are under the jurisdiction of provincial governments, it said, adding that scores of cases of discrimination against women, children and workers have been pointed out.

Besides Pakistan, US State Department also covered violations of human rights in India, mentioning that the violations continued and restrictions on freedom of expression and press continue under Narendra Modi’s government.

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