Picnic turns into a nightmare as three boys drown in Indus River

ATTOCK – In a tragic incident, three young boys lost their lives on Tuesday while having a picnic in the Sujhanda village of Attock district in Punjab.

According to details, the boys had come to the area to enjoy a day out and decided to take a bath in the Indus River.

However, the joyous occasion quickly turned into a nightmare when the boys got caught in the strong currents of the river and drowned.

The victims were identified as two brothers, Zahid (17) and Kashif (14), and their cousin, Tanveer Ahmed (17).

As soon as the news of the incident broke, a team of divers from Rescue 1122 was dispatched to the scene.

The rescue team immediately began the search for the bodies of the drowned boys, but despite their tireless efforts, they were unable to locate them.

Local authorities have expressed their condolences to the families of the victims and have urged people to take extra precautions while swimming or taking a bath in rivers or other bodies of water.

Incidents of drowning are not uncommon in Pakistan, especially during the summer months when people flock to the rivers and beaches to beat the heat.

However, such accidents can be avoided if people take necessary precautions and avoid swimming in areas with strong currents or without lifeguards on duty. 

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