Imran-Bushra’s first Nikah was not as per Shariah, Mufti Saeed tells court

Says couple knowingly contracted Nikah when Bushra Bibi was in Iddat: Reveals they again solemnized second Nikah after one month on the expiry of Bushra Bibi’s Iddat period

The first Nikah of former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan with Bushra Bibi was not in accordance with Shariah as the Iddat (waiting period for a divorcee or a widow) had not expired at that time, said main witness Nikah reciter Mufti Muhammad Saeed Khan while testifying before a local court in Islamabad on Wednesday.

Mufti Saeed told the court of Senior Civil Judge Nasr Minallah Baloch hearing a petition filed by citizen Muhammad Hanif complaining that Imran Khan and Bushra solemnized Nikah when Bushra Bibi was still in Iddat, that the first Nikah of Imran Khan and Bushra bibi was solemnized in January 2018 while the second Nikah was held after one month.

Giving his testimony, Mufti Saeed told the court that Imran called him on January 1, 2018, requesting him to solemnize his Nikah with Bushra Bibi. The Mufti agreed. He said he had cordial relations with Imran as he was the member of PTI core committee. 

He said Imran took him to the Defence area of Lahore where he was to perform his Nikah.

He said that a lady was also in attendance with Bushra Bibi on that day. The Mufti said that on his inquiry, the lady told him that she was Bushra Bibi’s sister.

The Mufti said that he had asked the lady if all the Shariah conditions were met before Bushra Bibi’s Nikah. She assured him on it. 

Mufti Saeed said that on her assurance, he solemnized Imran’s Nikah with Bushra Bibi and after their Nikah, the couple started living together in Islamabad. 

But, the Mufti told the court, after one month, in February 2018, Imran again contacted him and requested him to redo his Nikah solemnization. Imran told him that at time of his Nikah with Bushra Bibi, her period of Iddat was not expired as Bushra got divorce from her first husband in November 2017. 

Mufti went on to say that Imran had told him that there was a prediction that he (Imran) would become prime minister if he contracted Nikah with Bushra Bibi. 

The Nikah reciter told the court that Imran’s first Nikah was not as per the Shariah law and both Imran and Bushra, despite knowing this, contracted Nikah and arranged a wedding ceremony. 

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