Suspecting the alleged relationship, the husband killed the newlywed bride and her cousin

Husband Fatally Shoots Newlywed Wife and Cousin Over Alleged Affair in Rawalpindi, Suspect Arrested

A man in the Milad Chowk area of Rawalpindi’s Sadar Wah police station has been arrested after he reportedly shot and killed his newlywed wife and her cousin over an alleged affair. The suspect, Irfanullah, and his family members were caught attempting to dispose of the bodies and transport them to Mardan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Irfanullah had married Masamat Rahima Bibi a few weeks prior and was living with her in the Milad Chowk area. Upon returning home from work one day, he found his cousin Irshad with his wife, Rahima Bibi, which led to his suspicion of an alleged relationship between the two. He then fatally shot both of them on the spot.

Following the double homicide, Irfanullah and his family members were in the process of moving the bodies to Mardan when police and rescue services received a tip-off. Responding immediately, the police arrested the suspect on the spot, foiling the attempt to dispose of the bodies. The victims were then transported to a hospital for post-mortem examinations.

Police Rescue 1122 officials collected forensic evidence at the scene, and City Police Officer Rawalpindi Khalid Hamdani informed the media about the incident. He stated that further investigation is underway, and once the accused is charged with concrete evidence, he will face severe punishment.

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