Microsoft announced Windows 11 with android apps support

After weeks of leaks and teasers, Windows 11 has been announced. In Windows 11, Microsoft has made many important changes in every aspect. In terms of design, Microsoft has moved the Start button from the bottom left side to the bottom center. This change makes Windows 11 look more like Mac OS and Chrome OS. The style has also changed.

The tiles design carried over from Windows 8 has been deprecated in Windows 11. Users will now see a search bar at the top of the Start menu, and below that will be icons for apps that users have pinned, along with links to suggested files. The file suggestions in the Start menu won’t be specific to just one computer.

It will be the same across all the user’s devices like phone and other computers.

The Start menu in Windows 11 is similar to the app launcher used in mobile.

With the Snap Layouts feature introduced in Windows 11, users can better customize the Windows interface and can also select their own layouts from the pre-existing layouts.

Microsoft has also made some changes to the Windows Store that are coming to Windows 10 and Windows 11.

 Now users can install apps from the browser as well. For this, the browser will act as a mini version store to allow users to install apps quickly. Microsoft wants to increase revenue opportunities for developers from its stores. Microsoft says it is allowing developers to add their own commerce to the store and keep 100 percent of the revenue.

Microsoft will not keep anything from this revenue. In addition, developers can use Microsoft Commerce if they want, with 85 percent of revenue going to developers and 15 percent to Microsoft.

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