In the Tosha Khana case, things have become pretty clear now. In the case of external funding, if the funding of PML-N comes out, everything will be known. Address of Chairman PTI Imran Khan

Chairman PTI Imran Khan while addressing the participants of the election rally said that he will hold a rally at Minar Pakistan on Sunday at 2 o’clock, we have to struggle together. On reaching Bhati Chowk Data Durbar, he said from inside the car that milk has turned into milk and water into water in the Tosha Khana case.

Lahore! We have to fight together. I will hold a meeting at Minar Pakistan on Sunday at 2 o’clock.

Imran Khan said that the rally made it clear why the imported government did not allow the rally, yesterday they did not allow us to rally. I am sending a message on behalf of the nation that we will not forget, we will punish the policemen, this is not my personal war, I am fighting for all of you.

I have come out even when my life is in danger, no one puts his life in danger for personal gain. I have been slandered in every way, there are 80 cases against me, every day a new case comes up, people sitting above every day. They are using a kind of strategy to exclude us from the election. Earlier, the Tehreek-e-Insaf election rally led by Chairman PTI Imran Khan reached Bhati Chowk, where PTI workers displayed fireworks and showered flowers on Imran Khan’s car.

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