Former Army Chief Bajwa to pursue legal action against journalist Shahid Maitla over ‘fabricated interview’

Pakistan’s former Army Chief General (r) Qamar Javed Bajwa denied having any conversation with journalist Shahid Maitla, who opened a new pandora box with startling revelations in his recent columns.

As the alleged interview by a journalist made headlines, the former top general cleared the air, saying he has not given any interview to anyone and warned that those who are quoting him will face the music.

Anchorperson and senior journalist Kamran Shahid shared a tweet in this regard, saying Gen (r) Bajwa denied giving an interview to any journalist Shahid Maitla. “I did not give any interview to anybody; I am not allowed to give any statement, comment or interview till 29 Nov 2024,” Kamran Shahid wrote while quoting the former COAS.

Shahid Maitla also shared his side of the story in one of the clips doing rounds on the internet. He said it was a meeting that turned into a casual interview.

The matter soon became the talk of the town, prompting reactions from the journalist fraternity.

TV host Talat Hussin, in one of his tweets, said the interview caused deep resentment in the Prime Minister’s office and the military command, who asked the former COAS to stop whatever he was doing.

Journalist Mattiullah Jan also shared his take on the matter, saying “After retirement army chiefs become timid enough not to embarrass their successors with formal interview and yet they can’t resist reacting to serious allegations. Therefore while they rightfully deny having given an “interview” they do want their conversations to be reported.”

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