Abu Dhabi: Mother gives birth to 3 children on same date in 9 years

The three siblings were born on March 14 in 2014, 2018 and 2023

March 14 is a special day for parents Haleema Musthafa and Thaiseer Abdul Kareem. The Abu Dhabi-based couple has welcomed three children on the exact date in the past 9 years. Their daughter Tanisha Tahani was born in 2014, and two sons Muhammad Emin in 2018 and Hyzin Hamd this March 14. The family is on cloud nine celebrating one of the rarest of rare occurrences in childbirth. The jubilant parents, hailing from Kannur district of the Indian state of Kerala.

“We are thrilled. Allah has blessed us with a third child on the same day of March 14. This is an unbelievable feeling. This holy month of Ramadan has become extra special for the family,” Haleema, the proud mother of three children, said.

“Tanisha is now nine years old, Emin is five, and the newborn is two weeks old. The first two children were born four years apart. And we became parents for the third time this month. This is Allah’s gift. You can never plan things like childbirth to be exactly on a particular date. We are excited and overwhelmed,” said Thaiseer, who works at LuLu Group International as a category manager.

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